Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services – Did you know that clogged drains are the most common plumbing problem of homeowners across the United States? Each year, 15 million clogged drains contribute to the stress level of frustrated homeowners. Stoppages don’t happen only in the drains that lead directly from your plumbing fixtures, but also in your larger sewer lines that run under the house and out into the yard. The main line can be blocked by tree roots, resulting in the sewage backing up into the home. Tree roots can be a serious problem, particularly for the older, more established neighborhoods with large trees.

Backed up drains are never convenient. When a stoppage is starting to form, the tell-tale  sign is usually slow drainage. When slow drainage is addressed, usually a service call can restore free flow to your drains and pipes, ensuring that your home stays free of backed up waste water and sewer water.


At Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating, our trained service technicians can handle any kind of drain cleaning job. We are trained in the latest technology, have the proper tools, and expertise to make sure that your drain cleaning procedure is done properly, safely and cleanly. Our drain cleaning equipment includes specialized plumbing snake equipment, high-velocity water jetters, augers, cutter tools, and more.

Your plumbing is an invaluable resource that you use on a daily basis. It is important to make certain that your system is working properly. If your plumbing system is malfunctioning, you need to contact Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating to make necessary repairs.